Why do I have to make my life so complicated?


Or maybe it’s that I’m unlucky. After all, I have the incredible ability to always pick the slowest checkout lane at the grocery store or a Target.


But we’re getting ready financially for a big family vacation at the end of the summer: a two-week road trip to San Francisco. I’ve got a budget laid out, with plenty of wiggle room if we aren’t saving for a trip.


So today, I get backed into in the parking lot at Jenni’s work. I was leaving the lot, and a guy apparently straightening out his parking job backed right into my side as I was heading out.


I mean, I might as well just hang a sandwich board on myself that proclaims: “I have plans, please make me spend money!”


Oh, the damage isn’t huge–it’s really just superficial, but the two doors on the passenger side are dented in on the bottom, there was a significant amount of paint swapping, and, dammit, it’s just a pain.


So while I had the car slated for some work before the trip anyway, I’ll have to budget, plan, and fit this in, too.


Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll have to figure out why the couple of pages of story I punched out at lunch today didn’t sync up to my Dropbox…




See you tomorrow.

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