I’ll be honest. I may not be in love with my job, but I love what I do. In spite of how stupid people can be sometimes, or how frustrating it might be to help people get out of self-imposed problems, I still like doing what I do.


It’s that kind of appreciation of what you do that’s important, I guess. But everyone has problems showing how much they enjoy doing what they do, or act differently than they should if they really are fortunate to have a great job.


Just ask Jeremy Guthrie, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Whereas a lot of sports stars take to Twitter and say a lot of stupid things, he hit the Twitterverse and asked for a game of catch because his catch partner for the day was unable to play catch with him:

He got a taker, too, Woody Roseland, who came down to the ballpark with his glove and played catch with Guthrie.


They played catch for a while, and sometime during that time, Guthrie discovered that his 21-year-old catch partner had been diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in high school and had his left leg amputated. He later survived four other bouts with cancer. But there he was, having what he surely though was a thrill, playing catch with a professional baseball player.


Instead, Guthrie tweeted after the session:

Might just make you appreciate your job a little bit more.


Maybe I’ll have some inspiring call some day…Or not.


See you tomorrow.

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