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Ah, Easter evening–a school night, of course, laundry day, but otherwise a night off for me: everyone should have been full or at least able to get their own dinners.


So I watched a movie, My Week With Marilyn, based on two autobiographical books by Colin Clark, an assistant to Sir Lawrence Olivier. He was working for Olivier during the filming of the movie The Prince and the Showgirl, which costarred Marilyn Monroe.


First off, the movie has a great cast, with a lot of great British actors: Kenneth Branagh as Olivier, Zoe Wanamaker as a Brooklyn accented acting coach for Monroe, Derek Jacobi in a brief appearance as Clark’s godfather, Judi Dench, Emma Watson, among others; and American Michelle Williams as Monroe.


Second, the whole thing just goes by so effortlessly–the acting and story are nicely paced and are very easy to watch, even down to Marilyn’s psychosis and emotional turmoil: you see it happen, feel it happen, understand what’s going on, and the movie continues on. I can see why it received multiple award nominations during the award season just past.


It’s not a dark movie, nor is it a happy movie. It’s a backhanded story about a young Brit coming of age, as it were, in his dream job in the movies. But it’s also a story about the troubles that Marilyn had in her life, and that faced Olivier as he tried to direct his first movie. It’s charming, funny, tense, and sad. And in the end, you don’t feel bad for any character or feel dissatisfied with the ending.


It left me wanting to watch the movie The Prince and the Showgirl, but it isn’t streaming yet online, so I’m not sure I want to blow a DVD rental to see it…But maybe I will someday.


I gave the movie four stars, not because I thought it was that great, but because it was very well done.


See you tomorrow.

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