2016 Quick Candidate Profile – Rand Paul

Libertarianism is, at its heart, focused on the freedoms and liberties of individuals to live their lives unencumbered by governmental interference. It’s a fine ideal, but the reality is that it’s impossible to achieve in its total form in any society: government exists to impose order while providing services that no one else would provide. […]

2016 Quick Candidate Profile – Ted Cruz

This time around we’re profiling the first Republican to fling his hat into the overcrowded ring, Ted Cruz. Cruz is the Canadian-born, Cuban-American Tea Party-aligned freshman senator from Texas, all of which, while it represents a mouthful of weird, is fully representative of everything he seems to be: a contradiction. His father fought with Fidel Castro […]

2016 Quick Candidate Profile – Bernie Sanders

This post begins an experiment at Lathropworld, as we inaugurate a blog devoted entirely to politics. In addition, this post begins what I’m sure will prove to be a very popular feature of quick profiles of all of the presidential candidates for 2016. We’ll try to jump on them as they crawl out of the […]