The Modern Conservative Anti-Agenda – or – Paul Ryan vs. “True Conservatism”

For the last five-plus years, I’ve assumed that there was a deep, dark problem in the GOP. The party looked to this liberal outsider like it was tearing itself apart from within, but I hadn’t been able to find any cause or see any definitive proof of this. Until recently. John Boehner finally agreed–or let’s … Read moreThe Modern Conservative Anti-Agenda – or – Paul Ryan vs. “True Conservatism”

The Fault In Our Politics

I was reading  piece online that, while intriguing, isn’t worth linking to here, but brought up an interesting point which can be echoed across the political spectrum in this country as we hurtle ceaselessly toward another glorious presidential election next year. The writer’s entire point was that they are totally turned off by politicians they’d … Read moreThe Fault In Our Politics

Digesting the First Republican Debate

For those of us who survived last week’s first Republican presidential debate, there’s been a good deal of reflection on our lives, just to figure out where exactly we went wrong in deliberately choosing to waste a couple of hours of our lives on something with no redeeming value. And the best answer I can come … Read moreDigesting the First Republican Debate

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