What Am I Doing?

I’m embarrassed to say that the last I posted was on May 27th…That┬áLincoln review below was the topic. And since? Bupkus. Zilch. Nada. Not even through the momentous events of the last few weeks, which are so brilliantly documented in those postage stamp-sized photos to the right. I have spared you nary a drop of […]

The Edison Dilemma

Those of you keeping score at home know that Hannah and Zoe are eighth graders this year, which means that we here in Lathropworld are in the market for a new high school (or two). Today, we began the shopping process. Hannah and Zoe aren’t entirely sure what they’re looking for in a high school. […]

Then and Now

We went to the fair on Friday afternoon. It was hot, crowded, tiring, but still fun for the five-plus hours we spent there. We’ve all gotten to the point where there are just a few things that each person wants to do, so we hit those, eat what we want to eat, and leave. No […]


Beware. I have teenagers now. Well, okay. I’ve had a teenager for 3-plus years now, but as of today, I have nothing but teenagers in the under-18 subgroup in the household. Hannah and Zoe are 13 today. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that they’re that old yet. And other times, they get that serious look […]

In Concert

When it rains, it pours, I tell you. So much to offer this week in terms of posts. I’ve got to do some catching up from last week, give you updates, and offer a tribute to moms. This will all be coming during the week. First, I need to post the videos from the girls’ […]


Yes kids, conclusive proof that I’m the talentless hack in the household… So, for the three of you out there who haven’t seen the videos on Facebook, I’ll bring them to you here, but first the setup, so you know what this was all about. The kids are heading off to our family’s favorite state–Wyoming–this […]


This past weekend was the great lowering of the ears around Lathropworld. And all three kids decided to make some changes to their ‘dos.   So, in the laziest possible way I can present this post, I give you the before and after pictures…     …And the after.     Yeah. I think they […]


What is this, you may ask? Okay, yeah, it’s Hannah and Zoe, and if you look closely, you may notice they, along with those around them, are in their Girl Scout uniforms. But what’s with the white picket fence and flowers?   This may answer the question: That’s the float in the Celebrate Northeast Parade […]

On The Weekend

I’m back, which obviously means we all survived the weekend.   Not to say it was bad, by any means. Hotter than all get-out, sure, but in most other ways, it was a very good weekend.   Friday after school, we were descended upon by about 10 of the girls’ friends for their sleepover party. […]