(Sorry…Thought I posted this. Found I didn’t…) It was a dark and surly Monday, seeming as though the sun woke up early, took a look out from under the covers, said “to hell with it,” and went back to bed, letting the clouds do their thing. Or perhaps mother nature decided that in lieu of […]

Hot enough?

Woke up this morning and when I stepped outside, found that the temperature was a relatively tepid 82 degrees…At six-freakin’-thirty in the morning. This is Minnesota, kids. Land of 80-below windchills, five-foot tall snow drifts, ice fishing, and indoor saunas. Not big outdoor saunas that all of us are sharing. It’s inhumane, really. There’s a […]


In two years of living out in North Dakota, I probably drove through Minot a hundred times. These days, I’m riveted to the pictures of the unbelievable flooding of places I’ve been. The Souris River in Minot is a kind of dividing line: to the north is the airport, Minot State University, the huge and […]