We survived yet another blast of snow last night–about 4 or so inches of heavy, wet, slushy stuff. I was out with a friend last night, and walked through Dinkytown to the car, and found that my feet were soaking wet by the time I got there because the snow was more slush than actual […]


What does it say when today was the warm day of the week? It was 9 above this morning, no worry about the girls walking off to the bus stop and waiting for 5 minutes in the cold…Then, this afternoon, the bottom fell out again, and it’s cold and windy.   It dawned on me […]

Damned Hot

Well, life here on the surface of the sun certainly is warm…   We’re in the midst of a solid week-plus of 90+ weather, and while there were one or two days with the heat and no humidity, a lot of the days have had plenty of humidity.   Today, for instance, was like walking […]

Sneak Previews

Spring tried to give us a demo today.   It was around 55 degrees for a high, which seems disingenuous since there’s still some snow on the ground. Tomorrow won’t be that warm, nor will the day after that. But for just this one day, we could soak it in for a bit.   Oh, […]

Where Art Winter?

It’s February. And it’s raining. Even my kids know it’s not normally supposed to be raining right now.   This is, was, or might have been “the storm.” Or it has been at different times. Once, it was lots of snow, then just a nuisance, then this sloppy mix.   Schools have been closed in […]

Under the Blanket

For at least five days, the TV blowcombs had been hopping up and down, warning the populace as best they could.   Storm’s a-brewin’. Best prepare for it, y’all, er else.   Last night’s 3-inch deluge is what passes for a storm this winter, laying down a thick, heavy blanket on everything, but with temperatures […]

The Forecast

Every weekday morning, I write up a weather forecast on a dry erase board on the wall in the kitchen. It was born out of the fact that my kids would always ask me what the weather was going to be like that day. And then whether it was going to be warmer or colder […]


It’s finally feeling like fall. Cool, dry, windy days just seem to invoke the thought that summer is going away and the whole world is preparing to go to sleep.   Except us stupid humans, of course, who decide to do everything possible to master climate and not be slowed down by 9-hours of sunlight […]


Mother Nature’s hot flash continues this week, as we find temperatures in the mid to upper 70s until sometime Wednesday or Thursday, at which time the bottom is slated to fall out and we all freeze to death.   This is mid-October. Sure, a day or two in the 70s or 80s is to be […]