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The Occasional TV Review

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is comedy, but it’s a brand of comedy that I’m not sure could play on network television, which is why it ended up on Netflix–it was shopped to NBC who ordered 13 episodes and then passed on it. But while it might not play well on network TV, it’s exactly the …


The Occasional TV Review

I was cleaning up in the kitchen tonight, and as I often do, the TV was on in the background, just to keep me occupied. And after Wheel of Fortune ended for the evening, the CBS prime-time slate kicked in with the reality show The Briefcase. Ordinarily, I avoid reality television like the plague. At …

Entertainment Television


This one’s gonna be short.   Downton Abbey’s season finale is tonight–in fourteen minutes, to be precise, and I’m going to watch it live instead of a couple of weeks after it airs. And seeing as how I’m kind of tired today, I won’t come back to regale you all with anything even vaguely interesting. …

Sports Television


I’m actually kind of proud to say that I didn’t watch–at least very attentively–most of the Super Bowl tonight. And as such, I missed the vast majority of the ads.   So I get to watch them at my own pace as I try to kill time on the internet. Which just begs the question: …

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