The Occasional TV Review

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is comedy, but it’s a brand of comedy that I’m not sure could play on network television, which is why it ended up on Netflix–it was shopped to NBC who ordered 13 episodes and then passed on it. But while it might not play well on network TV, it’s exactly the […]

The Occasional TV Review

I was cleaning up in the kitchen tonight, and as I often do, the TV was on in the background, just to keep me occupied. And after Wheel of Fortune ended for the evening, the CBS prime-time slate kicked in with the reality show The Briefcase. Ordinarily, I avoid reality television like the plague. At […]

A Long Time Coming – The Mad Men Review

It feels like I’ve been invested in this show for eons. Or at least a decade. But it turns out to only be five or six years. And after nearly eight years on the air, Mad Men¬†concluded last night–and I hesitate to say it was wrapped up, because it was anything but wrapped up–and in […]

The Occasional TV Review

No. I am not a binge viewer, nor will I ever be, I fear. I just can’t take that much of anything for that long. So when faced with a TV series that has but one season so far that consists of just four twenty-three minute episodes, you’d think I could have polished that off […]

The Occasional TV Series Review

There’s a trend afoot in the world, to “binge-watch” entire seasons at a time of a TV series, as if sitting through 13 or more hours of non-stop entertainment is really that easy to do. At least it isn’t that easy for me to do. I just can’t keep it together for that long. But […]

Doctor Who

Ages and ages ago, like most of my 8th grade peer group, I’d stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights (or I’d videotape the episodes) and watch this British sci-fi show called Doctor Who. Being a British show, and being sequestered to late nights on our local PBS station made it hard to find […]


This one’s gonna be short.   Downton Abbey’s season finale is tonight–in fourteen minutes, to be precise, and I’m going to watch it live instead of a couple of weeks after it airs. And seeing as how I’m kind of tired today, I won’t come back to regale you all with anything even vaguely interesting. […]


I’m actually kind of proud to say that I didn’t watch–at least very attentively–most of the Super Bowl tonight. And as such, I missed the vast majority of the ads.   So I get to watch them at my own pace as I try to kill time on the internet. Which just begs the question: […]

The Office or Person?

A few nights ago, the president appeared on a late-night talk show, gave a very entertaining performance and interview, and now is being criticized for it by some, and lauded by others.   Those who found the appearance abhorrent said that it demeans the office of the presidency. Those who found the performance to be […]