Time for the weekly updates which should have aired here Sunday or Monday nights but didn’t because other things took precedence. In diet news, I lost .8 pounds this past week, which makes for a 2.2 pound total. Not nearly what I wanted, since I could probably lose that much just by shedding body hair, … Read moreUpdates


Ever feel like you’ve just walked into a room and all of the furniture has been moved around since the last time you were there? Yep. That’s going on here. This page you’re looking at is the first WordPress theme that I’ve designed myself. With the help of some software, some hand-coding (okay, not a … Read moreC-C-C-C-Changes

Addition Notes

Things are expanding and changing around here, as promised. I’ve dropped a couple of posts into a new Tumblr blog which you can get to by using my own vanity address (I just like the sound of having something to which the vanity tag can be attached…). I’ll have a link from the homepage at … Read moreAddition Notes


I’ve just made a change that makes the site slightly easier to get to…But if you’ve got it bookmarked, then it probably doesn’t make a difference. If you feel the urge, though, you can now go to http://theeclecticmix.lathropworld.com to get to the blog. You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.

The Spam Locker

I need a laugh right now. I’ve got a cold–but not enough of a cold to stay home and curl up in the fetal position and ingest hot tea and chicken soup all day–but it’s enough of a cold where my head is protesting the concept of thought, and my sinuses are making my teeth … Read moreThe Spam Locker

The Best Laid Plans

You may have noticed it by now. Or maybe not–it’s been a subtle change, but one I’m hoping you recognize as time goes on.   I’m trying to make things a bit easier on me to post blog entries. I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t come up with much last year (I … Read moreThe Best Laid Plans

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