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Okay, so here’s the deal.   It’s actually Thursday afternoon as I write this, but I won’t schedule it to post until later. But tonight, we’re off in multiple directions: Jenni and my mom off with the girls to their choir concert, and my dad and I over to Patrick’s school for his band concert. […]


I’m sitting in the living room writing this entry. Strewn into three rough piles across the living room are the school supplies we got today for the kids. On the one hand, it’s amazing and probably a sign of how much better organized we are that we’re done doing school supply shopping at the beginning […]


It is with some mixed emotions that we make a big family announcement. After six years at the same school, Hannah and Zoe are moving to the other school in their two school district, meaning that they won’t be downtown for school for a couple of years, at least–they’ll be at FAIR Crystal starting this […]

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