The Restaurant Review – Meritage

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here: we are remarkably lucky to have such a lively, creative, and truly amazing food scene here in the Twin Cities. And part of what makes it so wonderful is that every restaurant seems to try to be in a healthy, friendly competition with some other restaurant […]

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The Restaurant Review – Ward 6

It’s birthday dinner night for my amazing wife, Jenni. So, I gave her a list of restaurants we haven’t been to yet and she chose one. That choice was Ward 6 on Payne Avenue on the east side of St. Paul. I’ve read reviews that have spoken highly of the place. And what’s so great about […]

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The Occasional Restaurant Review – The Lowry

Jenni and I like to try to go to new restaurants–or at least restaurants we haven’t been to yet. Instead of going back to some of the same old places, it gets us into places that maybe I’ve heard of, or we’ve driven by or something. I took the day off yesterday, and we had […]

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The Occasional Restaurant Review – Spoon and Stable

One nice thing about having older kids is that we parents can finally start going out to “adult” restaurants. And, around the Twin Cities, “adult” restaurants generally mean the new and trendy ones. Spoon and Stable is new. Like less than a year old new. And trendy. So much so that reservations are extremely hard […]

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