Sunday Thinking

Okay…Before we start the festivities, know this: mom, I love you. And that’s why I can laugh at (and with) you. I have decided that my mother does her best and most active thinking on Sunday mornings. And if I pulled my cell phone records for the last eight years or so, I could prove […]

Coming Back

For those keeping score at home, yes, I’ve been gone for about a week. I blame the usual suspects: nothing to say, no desire to say it, a complete giving over to the desire to become a blob in a comfy chair at home and appreciate the American dream of total laziness. You’d think it […]

Privacy in the Nest?

Perhaps you heard the big tech news from Monday: a company called Nest was bought by a company called Google. And ever since then, there’s been quite the hubbub over this. I’ve seen Twitter posts from people threatening to rip the devices from the wall if this really goes through…Never mind the fact that doing […]

The Edison Dilemma

Those of you keeping score at home know that Hannah and Zoe are eighth graders this year, which means that we here in Lathropworld are in the market for a new high school (or two). Today, we began the shopping process. Hannah and Zoe aren’t entirely sure what they’re looking for in a high school. […]

The College Hunt

For those not in the know, Patrick is (theoretically) graduating from high school in June. Because of this expectation, he took the ACT test and has been receiving e-mails from schools trying to encourage him to apply to them. It’s interesting how far this process has come in 25 years. I remember literally having a […]

Overheard in the Cube Farm

No, there weren’t many people in the office today, probably because these two-day work-weeks can be absolute torture. But I did overhear someone today talking to a coworker about their Christmas, this being the first one they’ve hosted at their home. And somehow they decided to buy three turkeys to feed 12 people. They have […]

It’s Dead, Jim

Let us all take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of something that has been near and dear to us for a long time. The Metrodome is now, officially, dead. After today’s Vikings game, the process of dismantling it is beginning. Like doctors harvesting organs from the freshly deceased, construction workers–or are they […]

Team Building

We had a team building event at work today. It was one that I organized, after somehow getting on the topic in one of my weekly meetings with my supervisor. It was an event that took place over a light lunch, in a conference room, doing something that does not directly relate to our jobs […]


Anniversaries are a great thing, even though they’re frequently overlooked. They help celebrate occasions worth remembering and celebrating, especially as time goes on and that original event begins to fade into history. Around here, we’ve been celebrating a couple of them: One year ago today (October 20th), we got Etta and Gus, our fun pair […]