Where You’re From

Good thing I waited to write about this, because it just got better…Last night as I was struggling to find something to write about, she suggested the Bachmann thing.   Michele Bachmann doesn’t know where she’s from. Maybe even where she is at any given moment, too…   You’ll recall that during her thankfully brief […]

The Office or Person?

A few nights ago, the president appeared on a late-night talk show, gave a very entertaining performance and interview, and now is being criticized for it by some, and lauded by others.   Those who found the appearance abhorrent said that it demeans the office of the presidency. Those who found the performance to be […]

A Political Cautionary Tale

Perhaps this should be titled “Be careful what you wish for” instead.   The Republicans tied themselves to the Tea Party agenda three years ago, agreeing, at least in principal, with the ideals that those people supported: smaller government, especially smaller federal government, less intrusion in state and local affairs, and less intrusion in personal […]

With Friends Like This…

As I frequently do on Saturdays, I was listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me on NPR. The show, for the uninitiated, is a weekly “news quiz,” involving a panel made up usually of comedians, famous guests who play a game called “Not My Job,” and people who call in for a chance to win the only […]

Kindergarten Lessons

I’ve got three kids. And, like a lot of kids, they don’t know how to share, like to fight (a lot), and can hold grudges like nobody’s business.   But the upside is that someday, they’ll grow up and with even my mediocre parenting skills, plus things they learned in Kindergarten about sharing, they’ll be […]

Potential Presidentiality

I love this Republican race. Every time you think it’s getting boring, all you have to do is wait a little bit and everything changes.   The front runners have been changing just about every other week lately, for one reason or another. Romney faded a bit, Ron Paul charged, Herman Cain made a run […]

Meet The Candidate: Herman Cain

Tonight, we continue our ongoing series of public-service pieces highlighting the Republican candidates for President. Last time, you will recall, we profiled Ron Paul, the only sensible wingnut in the Republican primary race.   In this edition, we will focus on Herman Cain: pizza icon, business man, accused and forgetful sexual predator…Oh, wait.   As […]


No kids, I am not watching tonight’s edition of the GOP presidential debate. Frankly I think I’d prefer to put my knuckles to an orbital sander. I am, however, catching some of the tweets about the debate…Both serious and hilarious. And I’m a bit scared to find myself coming to the conclusion that the voice […]

Heel Digging

I’m not sure what’s more depressing about the current political cycle–that both sides, Republican and Democrat, continue to shoot themselves in the foot; or that the refuse to notice how stupid and ignorant they’re acting. I’m pretty sure that the 2012 campaign season started off the day after the election in 2008. Obama had the […]