Well Here’s Your Problem…

One fascinating part of watching the election this past year was the absolute bewilderment shown by the Republicans in failing to win as much as they expected…Or failing to win at all. They were clearly flabbergasted by the results and didn’t know what went wrong.   The confusion began with the confidence of Romney’s pollsters […]


On the morning after, people wake up feeling either elated or depressed, or for some, even sick. It’s not a new phenomena after elections, especially big ones, to have some sort of visceral reaction to the results, but what’s surprising to me is that people don’t see the long-term big picture: there have been those […]


Ah, election night. It’s always been a big deal, but back in my youth, it was a lot of fun and quite an experience.   You see, ages ago, in 1976, actually, my mom, in her deep wisdom, signed me up to help her work at the election headquarters for Minneapolis.   Back then, voters […]


We all got an hour of sleep this weekend, or at least theoretically. It was offered up, at least. I did sleep for that extra hour, so I took advantage.   The obligatory cat update offers up this gem: they found their way on top of the drop ceiling in the basement. Not once, but […]


I figure you all could probably check out the pictures to the right if you’re looking for your cat fix. In the meantime, I’ll talk about the incredible ability of politicians to improperly speak their mind.   The incredible knack that all politicians have these days of saying stupid things got me to wondering: is […]


So yeah, I watched the debate.   Well, truth be told, I started watching, but 15 minutes in, I just turned on the radio and listened on NPR. And I think I ended up experiencing the same things talked about with the Nixon-Kennedy debate.   For two men who initially looked pretty stiff and measured […]


For the two years we lived in North Dakota, we were a couple of questions many, many times: 1) When were we planning on having kids? And 2) Were we planning on staying in the state for a long time?   You see, the state was dying back then. The population was dipping to just […]

Another One Bites the Dust

The totally (un)surprising news came out today that Ron Paul, the libertarian voice of reason in the Republican Party, is “suspending his active campaigning” for president. This means that the whole field has rolled over for the presumptive milquetoast, Mitt Romney.   I have just a few observations here, as you’d probably imagine: First off, […]