The Church Tour – Continued

(Honestly, I started writing this last night, but couldn’t post it because our host service had a server go bad and didn’t get things back going until midday today…) Before we’re all completely snowed under by…um…snow, it was time for Hannah and Zoe to head off for their church visit for this week: St. Mark’s […]

Our Take On News Photos

The world is a wacky place, folks. What with countries like Greece teetering on the edge of insolvency, the US government perfecting the art of complete inaction, and countries like Venezuela and North Korea going almost full-on nutso thanks to their leadership, it’s heartening sometimes to see pictures like those that follow. Especially when you […]


This past weekend was the great lowering of the ears around Lathropworld. And all three kids decided to make some changes to their ‘dos.   So, in the laziest possible way I can present this post, I give you the before and after pictures…     …And the after.     Yeah. I think they […]

Wednesday Quick Hits

Sorry kids, but I’m going to force you to do some work today to see all of the short, quick-hit posts from today, so scroll down to see more.   In this photo piece, we learn that Republicans are just as responsible as Democrats for contributing to the ultimate demise of the English language.   […]


Nope, I haven’t felt the blogging mojo the last couple of days. Nothing much to report on, nothing I’ve seen out there in the news or the world worth commenting on, or that hasn’t been commented on already. Life around here is normal and just holding until the weekend, when we have graduation festivities for […]

The tower

Like I said, Patrick and I were at the Twins game Monday night. It was his first game of the season, so we were really looking forward to it. And after the cool and rainy night that John and I had, last night was an absolutely gorgeous night for baseball. So for those who aren’t […]

New Feature!

Hey, kids! Today I begin a new feature on the site which I’m sure will be a big hit with all of you! Plus, I don’t actually have to write much of anything on days that I run this feature… I’m calling it “Re-Captions!” If you’ve got a better idea, let me know. And part […]