First the brief recap of the weekend, then perhaps you’ll appreciate the exhaustion from which this probably shortish post comes. So, when last I posted (at least the one announcing the hiatus), we were madly cleaning and organizing around the house for this weekend, which was to feature not one, but two parties. The advantages […]

Of Note

That headline is a pun, trust me. I’m still working on trying to organize my den, with one point of that organization being that my computer and the Casio keyboard I bought a couple of months ago aren’t across the room from each other. And why is this important? Because I want to connect the […]

An Experiment

With Patrick turning 15, it suddenly made me realize that I’ve done my kids a great disservice by not teaching them how to cook for themselves, or even do things like laundry. The truth is that I just do these things on my own because I have for so long, and it’s easier and quicker […]


My son, my oldest child, my first born, turns 15 tomorrow. It hardly seems possible, that it was 15 years ago tomorrow that I found myself driving my wife down a relatively deserted U.S. highway through the middle of North Dakota to get from our home to the hospital which was about 80 miles away. […]


I’m sitting in the living room writing this entry. Strewn into three rough piles across the living room are the school supplies we got today for the kids. On the one hand, it’s amazing and probably a sign of how much better organized we are that we’re done doing school supply shopping at the beginning […]

Such a day

It’s Jenni’s birthday today (Tuesday), but for a variety of reasons, we’ll hold much of the celebration off until the weekend. Not to say it isn’t important. I wish her a fabulous unnamed birthday, but I’ll do more celebrating with her later. Happy Birthday, Jenni! I LOVE YOU! Of course, it didn’t help that the […]

The missing

The unexpected silence you have heard in the background of all of this week’s blog entries is brought to you largely by the fact that Patrick is away at scout camp. He left early Sunday morning and will be back this weekend. He’s back at Many Point Scout Camp, located in the scenic northwestern corner […]

The tower

Like I said, Patrick and I were at the Twins game Monday night. It was his first game of the season, so we were really looking forward to it. And after the cool and rainy night that John and I had, last night was an absolutely gorgeous night for baseball. So for those who aren’t […]