What Am I Doing?

I’m embarrassed to say that the last I posted was on May 27th…That¬†Lincoln review below was the topic. And since? Bupkus. Zilch. Nada. Not even through the momentous events of the last few weeks, which are so brilliantly documented in those postage stamp-sized photos to the right. I have spared you nary a drop of […]

The College Hunt

For those not in the know, Patrick is (theoretically) graduating from high school in June. Because of this expectation, he took the ACT test and has been receiving e-mails from schools trying to encourage him to apply to them. It’s interesting how far this process has come in 25 years. I remember literally having a […]

Then and Now

We went to the fair on Friday afternoon. It was hot, crowded, tiring, but still fun for the five-plus hours we spent there. We’ve all gotten to the point where there are just a few things that each person wants to do, so we hit those, eat what we want to eat, and leave. No […]


It’s a little daunting to think that my son, this once little, delicate life that I saw come into the world in a crowded hospital room in Bismarck, just turned seventeen. As I said last night, it’s astounding that he’s a senior in high school this year. And it’s amazing that he can drive. And […]


I have to admit that up until the last couple of weeks, I’d never really realized that prom night for your children is a marker in the developmental timeline of your kids. But it is. It’s the first “grown up” date that your child will go on. Their first formal affair built entirely around them. […]


Yes kids, conclusive proof that I’m the talentless hack in the household… So, for the three of you out there who haven’t seen the videos on Facebook, I’ll bring them to you here, but first the setup, so you know what this was all about. The kids are heading off to our family’s favorite state–Wyoming–this […]


This is your one and only warning. Patrick is in Driver’s Ed. Which only means that he is weeks or perhaps months away from actually piloting a vehicle across the pavement of our fine metroplex. Is he prepared, you ask? More so now than on Monday when he was nervous about the class. That, I’m […]

The Concert

Last night, Patrick had his Winter band concert at school. They played four songs, and all are presented here for your enjoyment. Some may still be processing at YouTube’s site, so they may still feature our patented ShakyCam technology.           Enjoy!   See you tomorrow (or later today, as the case […]


So if I ever needed proof that I’m getting older, it would be those pictures on the right. Go ahead and look. You can even click over to Tumblr for a bit to check them out in their embiggenated form. I’ll wait.   So what you’re witnessing there are a few shots from Patrick’s first […]