Anniversaries are a great thing, even though they’re frequently overlooked. They help celebrate occasions worth remembering and celebrating, especially as time goes on and that original event begins to fade into history. Around here, we’ve been celebrating a couple of them: One year ago today (October 20th), we got Etta and Gus, our fun pair […]

Twelve Days

It’s all part of the whole exercise thing. I knew that when we signed up at the Y: you’re spending money to use their facilities so that you’ll get in shape. And hopefully keep going. The fact that you’re paying for it hopefully is part of the motivation. But then there’s extra motivation: health insurance […]

I Still Don’t Know

Have you ever found yourself somewhere, or doing something, and the thought suddenly hits you making you wonder just how you got to that exact place and activity, and probably even how you weren’t sure how it all came to that moment? Yep. I had me one of them… So here’s the story, with identities […]


I’ve debated about even putting up this post, but it’s big and important, and I can’t really talk about it in too many specifics. So with apologies for the vagaries, here’s the deal: it’s all good. Over the course of just about 24 hours, Jenni and then I received some good news at work. Both […]


Yes kids, conclusive proof that I’m the talentless hack in the household… So, for the three of you out there who haven’t seen the videos on Facebook, I’ll bring them to you here, but first the setup, so you know what this was all about. The kids are heading off to our family’s favorite state–Wyoming–this […]

Right and Wrong. Or Left.

Eighteen years ago, I put a ring on my wife’s finger and made her my wife. It was the first mistake I’d make as her husband, but certainly not the last. And she’s been there with me for eighteen years since accepting my challenges, loving me, and being my best friend.   A mistake, you […]


My apologies if this gets too far off track. I’m not entirely here this evening.   We all got home around 1:15 or so this morning, to bed then sometime shortly before 2 a.m., I think. I wasn’t with it, so I’m not entirely sure.   But it was well worth it.   Jenni threw […]