It was, by any measure, a momentous day on Monday. The Minnesota Senate passed the same-sex marriage law which finally allows for the state to stop discriminating against a group of people based solely on who they love. Wherever you stand on the issue, it’s an important day, but not the end nor the beginning […]

Tragedy and Questions

These things just never seem to stop, and it just rattles your sense of security and shakes your faith in humanity. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that we were mourning those souls lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the hands of a deeply disturbed individual. And here again, we’re mourning something horrific […]


Welcome to 2013, kids. The bold future, the “brave new world” promised by the 21st Century. A time of amazing technology, great human achievement, and complete political gridlock.   Our nation is in a “sequester,” having passed a budget plan nearly two years ago that forced upon the entire country budget cuts–which may or may […]

A Shot In The Dark

Just about a month ago, the country was forced to come to grips with one simple fact: we are all mortal–old, young, rich or poor–and everyone on this Earth has a limited time to experience life. Tragically, we learned this because 20 children, and six school staff members, and a mother who by all accounts […]

Pictures and Their Words

I was flipping through news sites online last week and came across this picture: It made me howl. Honestly.   With no context or caption, it’s just hilarious. Heck, even with a context or caption, it’s hilarious. I’ll give you the real caption later. But it’s more fun to create an entire scene around this. […]


There’s a brouhaha going on over who has the right to name an amendment question on the election ballot in this state. The Secretary of State has named them, not surprisingly, in a different way than the legislative supporters of both measures wished. So as a result, they’re pissed, claiming that Mark Ritchie, the Secretary […]


All day the news kept developing and coming out of Aurora, Colorado, from the shooting in a packed movie theatre where one man apparently decided that no single person in this world was worth anything.   I’m not going to recount the details. It’s hideous and sad and maddening enough as it is. And, what’s […]


You may have read or heard about the $650,000 Karen Klein is getting. It’s for her to have a vacation, after all. And that kind of gift is not the sort of thing you just ignore.   Ah, but if you’ve missed the story–feel good as it is–you may not know the details: She’s a […]