An Uncivilized Discourse

Whatever happened to respectful disagreements? Apparently, when it comes to political rallies, policy discussions, or even within the walls of our political institutions, respectfully disagreeing with someone has gone the way of the dodo. Eggs are getting tossed by protesters outside political rallies. Journalists are being roughed up at rallies. Names are being called. Insults are […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Long ago, practically in a previous life, we lived in North Dakota. We lived for a while, in fact, on the eastern edge of the Bakken oil field, and then later, further east off of its eastern edge. But that first year, we lived in Plaza, ND, a town–if it could indeed be called that–that […]

Option ‘C’

A month or so ago, there was a story, actually released by the North Korean government, that leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle and close advisor, Jang Song Thaek was executed for “attempting to overthrow the state.” Then this week, a report came out of North Korea (known by some as the crazy Korea) that Jang […]

It’s Dead, Jim

Let us all take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of something that has been near and dear to us for a long time. The Metrodome is now, officially, dead. After today’s Vikings game, the process of dismantling it is beginning. Like doctors harvesting organs from the freshly deceased, construction workers–or are they […]

Looking the Right Way

The news over the last couple of days has been filled with information from the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., where a man apparently opened fire and ended up killing 13 people including himself. As our society and news media has been trained to do by these now all too frequent events, we’re asking the […]

When a Stadium Isn’t a Stadium

The Vikings showed off renderings of their new stadium Monday night. It is our $1 billion temple purpose-built to the football gods, a place to stand for 30 years or so as our monument to our perpetually mediocre professional football team. And it’s just butt ugly. I’m not even sure that it looks like a […]