The Report After The Report

Yes. This turned out as well as it looks. As did this: So we can declare the ATK gluten-free crust recipe a winner–it’s flaky, tasty, not gritty, and is everything that a normal crust should be. Except it isn’t a normal crust. Since starting on this journey, pie crust, like bread, has been one of […]

The Grand Experiment

Regular readers of this irregular blog will recall that in January 2013, Lathropworld went (mostly) gluten-free. A collection of non-specific, low-level maladies and feelings led to the decision, and we have been living the lifestyle pretty much ever since. Sure, there have been occasions that have caused Jenni in particular to go off of her […]

The Quest

I love my technology. I believe that I’ve mentioned that before, though. But one thing that I’ve found great about my technology is the ability to check out e-books from the library. It’s instantaneous, easy to check out and return, and, moreover, in a direct appeal to the cheap side of my nature, free. So, […]

I Am Not An Elf

Perhaps in your compiled lifetime television and pop culture experience, the little guy over there on the left will spark a memory. I don’t know if he was a response to or the original that prompted the creation of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but there’s part of me that wonders if they ever rumbled. Anyway, […]

The Sawdust Sandwich

We here in Lathropworld have embarked on an experiment.   We’ve talked for a few years about trying a gluten-free diet–some say it reduces the number and severity of migraines, which would be great for Jenni; they also claim it helps reduce the problems suffered by those with eczema, like Patrick; others claim it’s simply […]

Our Daily Bread

Trying to be healthier around here. To that end, and since I have some extra time this week, trying a few things. But there is one truth in this household: that bread, particularly good bread, is always a good thing. It’s kind of intriguing to me that my kids are such bread conisseurs. Sunday night, […]