The Twelve(ish) Guilty Pleasures of Christmas

Day three. And this one hurts a little. One of the great double-edged swords of our modern mobile-technology age is that everyone–and I mean damned near everyone–almost always has a camera with them. And more likely than not, that camera has internet access. This means that those people can post cute pictures of their kids, … Read moreThe Twelve(ish) Guilty Pleasures of Christmas

Away Alot

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while. If you look over there to the right-hand column, you’ll see part of the reason why: airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes. I was going to do some blogging about that, complete with some other pictures than what show up over there. So I copied some pictures … Read moreAway Alot

The Support Files

In any heavily managed corporate tech environment, there are rules. And there are standard configurations. And reasons for why things are the way they are–whether it’s for security reasons, money reasons, or simply someone in IT being controlling because they can.   But as we all know, there are many people in the world who … Read moreThe Support Files

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