The Cat Update

Those among you who have read last week’s entries will recall that we had taken Etta and Gus in for their declawing.   Of course, I do know that there are those of you who also drop in here once ever week or so and read backwards…So skip back a week and read forward for […]

The Claws Are Coming Out

Assuming you read this the day after I write it (which is what most of you do), by the time you read this, Etta and Gus will be at the vet to be declawed.   Oh, there are probably some of you bemoaning the fact that we’re taking away one of the cats’ natural defenses, […]


You stand warned now: it’s difficult to write this.   You see, Etta hopped up on my lap about 10 minutes ago as I was seated in front of the computer pondering this evenings missive, and has not shown any inclination to get out of my way. In fact, a short time ago, she ended […]

Who Am I Kidding?

Oh trust me. I know. I know that really, the entire reason for you visiting the site these days is to see Dr. Henrietta von Flufflebutt and And Guest–Etta and Gus–and find out what their latest hijinks have been.   And I could very well indulge you. I could. And I will, at some point. […]

All the Cats Who’ve Come Before

Oh hell. I don’t know why I’m even going to bother not trying to write about the cats for a while. It’s been so long since any of us have had kittens that it’s fun to relive this phase again.   We’ve gradually been introducing Etta and Gus to new parts of the house each […]


For the whole two of you out there in the world who haven’t been told, texted, e-mailed, or seen it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our Tumblr account, we are new parents. Yeah, okay. So this really only shows the male cat and not much of his sister. But you can see more of them […]

Happy Birthday Cat

Since today’s as good a day as any, Happy Birthday, Pippin. Here’s how she chose to spend some of it:   Trust me, she’s happy.   Garden work is underway. Lots done, lots more to go.   See you tomorrow.