This is your one and only warning. Patrick is in Driver’s Ed. Which only means that he is weeks or perhaps months away from actually piloting a vehicle across the pavement of our fine metroplex. Is he prepared, you ask? More so now than on Monday when he was nervous about the class. That, I’m […]

Birthday Cars

It’s my dad’s birthday today, though by the time he reads this, it will be the day after his birthday, but still, Happy Birthday, Dad.   But oddly, driving the boy to school and Jenni and I to work this morning, we got talking about old cars from our past. We got behind a white […]

Feeling whole again: $900

After reading the last post, you’d probably think the weekend couldn’t possibly get any worse. But then you’d be wrong. Or at least I was wrong. Jenni and Patrick had a Sunday afternoon date to go see the latest Harry Potter extravaganza at the neighborhood movie house (how ’bout that for an old-fashioned and seemingly […]