Baseball – The Season So Far…

At the start of every baseball season for God knows how many years, Ernie Harwell, a former announcer for the Detroit Tigers, would read a poem and tell the listeners that hope springs eternal for every team at the start of a new baseball season. Sure, most true baseball fans know that, because we’ve all […]

Mid-Season Checkup

Who’da thunk that at the All Star break, our beloved hometown nine would be within shouting distance of first place in the division? And who would have even dreamt that the Twins would be in the top tier of teams in the entire league this year? And who would dare to even say out loud […]

What In The Wide Wide World of Sports?

Count me among the pleasantly surprised and shocked Minnesota Twins fans in the world. Not since 1991 have I been so surprised by one of our teams. Granted, we’re only one-quarter of the way through the grueling baseball season, but I think everyone would agree that being in second place and 8 games over .500 […]

The Nick Punto Effect

This may seem strange, but if you stick with me, I think I’ve got a compelling point: Having Nick Punto on your baseball team helps make you a winner. For those who are not baseball fans, you probably don’t know Nick Punto. You probably don’t know who he has played for during his now fifteen-year […]

Woe Unto We Twins Fans

The baseball season ended yesterday, at least for the Minnesota Twins. And sadly, I hardly noticed or paid attention, which is saying something. I tuned into some of the last game of the season for my hometown nine, flipping over from the Vikings game to see if the Twins could pull out a win, but […]

The Minnesota Sporting News

Patrick and I had a manly weekend of lots of sporting events: we were at the Gopher football game on Saturday, versus that perennial powerhouse, Western Illinois University; and then on Sunday, we went to the Twins game to watch a team that was equally adept at their sport. Both won. Oddly enough. But the […]

The All-Star Game

I’ve always loved baseball’s All-Star Game. It’s one of the many things the game has done almost perfectly, and no other sport has been able to successfully copy it. Last night’s game was great–entertaining, poignant, exciting, and really well-played, which is what you expect when you get 68 of the game’s best together in one […]

Baseball’s Here!

It’s April, and theoretically, it’s spring, though to look at my lawn, you wouldn’t know it. But April means spring and, even better, baseball. And on this, Easter night, and also April Fool’s night, the season opener is on right now on the TV. Perhaps that April Fool’s thing is fitting: the opener has Texas […]

Hall of None

I was planning on writing about something pithy and funny today. Something like random links found on the internet. Or cute cat pictures. Or internet memes. Then the baseball Hall of Fame ballot results were announced.   It’s an embarrassment. A huge embarrassment on many levels. It makes me angry and sad and makes me […]

Weighty Topics

After two days of chomping on some heavy-duty political discourse, I thought it was time to bring in the big guns and really get serious.   So without further ado, we shall discuss: your Minnesota Twins.   The local boys of summer are deep in the second straight year of a horrible funk. There are […]