Doctor Who

Ages and ages ago, like most of my 8th grade peer group, I’d stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights (or I’d videotape the episodes) and watch this British sci-fi show called Doctor Who. Being a British show, and being sequestered to late nights on our local PBS station made it hard to find […]

My Own Digital Hell

This is something that I know we techies experience a lot: we sign up for an account somewhere, and then years later come back and discover we need something from that account. In the intervening years, the account has been forgotten, disused and neglected, to the point that retrieving the account information through a forgot […]

Team Building

We had a team building event at work today. It was one that I organized, after somehow getting on the topic in one of my weekly meetings with my supervisor. It was an event that took place over a light lunch, in a conference room, doing something that does not directly relate to our jobs […]

Be Careful of What You Wish For

I know I didn’t post anything last week. But, as always, I’ve got an excuse: a lame excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. The story begins about two years ago. A reorganization in my department changed my role and left me working in a generally unfulfilling role. So I kept trying to get into a position […]


I’m enjoying my new job at work. Mostly. Well, really, I am.┬áBut there are those moments when I have to ask myself what I’ve gotten into. I’ve got a project right now to come up with some data that we can call definitive. It basically will be a list of information and what will be […]

Twelve Days

It’s all part of the whole exercise thing. I knew that when we signed up at the Y: you’re spending money to use their facilities so that you’ll get in shape. And hopefully keep going. The fact that you’re paying for it hopefully is part of the motivation. But then there’s extra motivation: health insurance […]


For almost 12 years, I took piano lessons. And they were all from the same woman. Nearly every week, she’d actually come to our house, sit down on a chair next to my piano stool, and for 30 minutes, we’d hash through some collection of three or four songs that I’d been working on practicing […]


I’ve been gone from here a lot, between a trip, normal life, working out at the Y, and just plain lack of content streaming forth from my brain. So I figured I’d better catch up for a bit, because who knows if I’ll be posting anything tomorrow. I can proudly report that for the first […]

Away Alot

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while. If you look over there to the right-hand column, you’ll see part of the reason why: airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes. I was going to do some blogging about that, complete with some other pictures than what show up over there. So I copied some pictures […]


I discovered today just how exciting and confusing working on a new project at work can be. Our vendor for our software solution for the project came in today to begin the process of installing, training, configuring, and supporting their product. So I had two meetings lasting a total of 3 hours this morning, talking […]

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