So, It’s Been a Year…

Pardon my vanity, but honestly, that’s what a blog is all about, right?

This blog is, and frankly, always has been, about me. And those around me. And I’ve always wanted it to be something that was entertaining, interesting, meaningful, and, well, something I’d be compelled to do because it was cool. And fun. Almost 22 years after I started doing this thing, I’m still trying to make it work. Still trying to make something that I’d enjoy.

For a while, it was a way to just keep in touch–with my parents, grandparents, and others. It also sometimes was a way to just get my thoughts down on…screen. And it was a toy–something to just play around with. I’ve come to realize this site–everything about it–is a creative outlet. From playing with how it looks to writing posts, it’s something I need and really want to do. Because I miss being creative. I’m a huge introvert, but there’s a relative anonymity that comes with running a blog site–I can put energy into it without too much fear of being discovered.

So I’m back here to do something that ultimately I enjoy. I hope to not get tired of it if I’m constantly working on it. See, I’d worked with someone to put out a new version of my church’s website (, and I’ve really enjoyed playing with it too. But there are self-imposed rules on that site: I can’t radically change the theme it’s based on overnight. Here, I can totally do that, because it’s my sandbox.

So congrats, peeps. You’re guinea pigs.