New Year, New Plan


Wow. What an election, right? You’re probably either shocked, scared, shocked, terrified, or just shocked at the outcome. And now the 2017 political session is looming, and we’re all holding our communal breath to wait to see what happens.

For the site here, I haven’t posted since August, and need to pick it up, because there’s a lot to say and comment on, but some of the longer-form pieces just aren’t easy to do with the free time I have.

So I’ve decided to try to do some quicker pieces: post links to articles, offer brief comments and move on. I’ll be active in posting political comments on Twitter (@lathropworld), and will offer at least a couple of new article tags here (“GOP Watch” and “Trump Watch” to start). So stop by often, subscribe if needed, or watch the Twitter to see when I post new articles here.

Thanks for reading, all!