What used to be.

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reboot

I haven’t blogged here since last October. I’ve learned my lesson…This time.

The last redesign took me forever, and I taught myself a lot about how WordPress works (that’s the back end software that drives this site), which was a great thing, and kind of fun. I had a vision for what I wanted my site to be like, and, for the most part, I hit my target. But it was like building a house with 20 rooms when you are only going to use five of them: you feel obligated to put something in those unused rooms, but then it just becomes a chase to make sure everything’s kept in shape.

I had different pages and sites within the main site. And links to my Tumblr sites, and a grand plan to try to keep it all populated. And in the process, I couldn’t keep it up like I was hoping to.

So I gave up.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging. It’s just that as much as I wanted this to be a big, complicated, post-filled site, it just isn’t going to be that. It’s going to be a site with occasional posts–hopefully at least one a week–where I can post things as they come up: funny stories from my life, opinions, and witty or angry observations of how the world is working. Just like the “old” days of the site.

So it’s another redesign, rethink, and reboot of the site. At least this one didn’t take months. And I’ve even copied over old content so you can look back over the years of past posts…And it makes this new site look a lot less empty.

I’ve added the ability to subscribe over there on the widget bar on the right. Just put in your email address, and after confirming, you should be notified when there’s a new post. Or check back everyday and be surprised. Whatever. It’s up to you.

So here we go: The Eclectic Mix, version 239. Or something. Enjoy!