Blogging About Food

I know. Food blogs are a dime-a-dozen on the interwebs.

Everyone’s taking selfies with their food, taking pictures of their food, taking pictures of the empty plates after eating the food. They’re posting recipes that they’ve made up, or taken from other websites, or found on a dust-covered index card inside a card file packed in a box from their great-grandmother’s kitchen.

So what makes this site different?

Absolutely nothing.

I’m a diabetic. My wife’s gluten-free by choice. I enjoy cooking. And I have a couple of picky eaters among my children. We get hungry while watching the Great British Baking Show. I enjoyed Alton Brown’s Good Eats and record America’s Test Kitchen on the TiVo. So I’m no better or worse than any other foodie site out there. Except that I’ll be sharing things that I like or care about.

My pictures won’t have the huge production values of some sites. And my recipes might be vague (because I use them mostly as a guide, and not as instructions). So of it will be healthy. And some won’t. But it should all taste good.

Check back later for more!