What Am I Doing?

I’m embarrassed to say that the last I posted was on May 27th…That Lincoln review below was the topic. And since? Bupkus. Zilch. Nada. Not even through the momentous events of the last few weeks, which are so brilliantly documented in those postage stamp-sized photos to the right. I have spared you nary a drop of verbage, dribbled out of my unkempt mind onto the bits and bytes of this website.

I have come to one unescapeable conclusion: I’m a horrible blogger.

I apologize. I shall try better. Or at least shorter and more frequently. Or something like that. Or I might just find this is the new pattern: a non-existent, sporadic pattern.

So tomorrow I’ll start a new feature that I hope to regularly share with the class: a look at websites I stumble across that I find interesting, and think that at least one or two of you out there will enjoy as well. Look for it tomorrow! Or next week…Or sometime. Soon?

In the meantime, I’ll just note the big events of the last couple of weeks: Hannah and Zoe have “graduated” from eighth grade and are now, more or less officially, high school students. And, to add to it, they’re leaving the only school system they’ve known for nine years and heading back into the Minneapolis Public School system to go to a high school that I think I made myself promise at some point in my life I’d never send any of my kids to: Edison High School. But the school seems to have its act together, and the girls made most of the decision to go there on their own, in spite of leaving most of their friends behind. So I’m proud and excited for them.

Patrick graduated from Roseville Area High School. He’s settled and mostly enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and has actually even started working a regular, part-time, paying job. So we’re proud and excited for his next steps.

So there’s the quick update. Look for more stuff starting tomorrow. I’ll try harder! Promise! Maybe.

See you tomorrow.



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