Overheard in the Cube Farm

No, there weren’t many people in the office today, probably because these two-day work-weeks can be absolute torture.

But I did overhear someone today talking to a coworker about their Christmas, this being the first one they’ve hosted at their home. And somehow they decided to buy three turkeys to feed 12 people.

They have since realized their overestimation of the need.

First off, I’m just wondering about the logistics of cooking three birds simultaneously. I mean, I did two smallish ones at Thanksgiving because the big birds were in short supply. So I had the two small birds side-by-side in the hotbox. But there would never be room for a third.

Secondly, has no one heard of Google? Just Google the damned question: “how much turkey should I cook for 12 people?”

This person realized their problem when they carved the first bird and that made it all the way around to the group. The other two were still waiting in staging to be placed on the platter.

I failed to see the entirety of the problem here…More turkey than needed isn’t a bad thing in my book.

Oh, I know: I’ve been doing this forever and I really do think that the Thanksgiving dinner is the easiest holiday meal to prepare. But I’d worked at my mom’s side for years helping out with her dinners, so I was trained in these things.

My kids aren’t so lucky. I’m a horrible father…

Not entirely, I know. They don’t have an interest. I haven’t pushed it frequently enough. And my kitchen is just…tiny. It’s difficult to have two people working there at once, and with me being the cooking control freak that I am, having someone underfoot just drives me nuts.

So it’s my fault. I’m still a horrible father. My kids will only know how to microwave things, boil pasta, and make a sandwich.

Damned turkeys.

See you tomorrow.