The Occasional TV Series Review

There’s a trend afoot in the world, to “binge-watch” entire seasons at a time of a TV series, as if sitting through 13 or more hours of non-stop entertainment is really that easy to do. At least it isn’t that easy for me to do. I just can’t keep it together for that long. But […]

The Occasional Movie Review

We’ve all seen this kind of story before: rich, cultured person gets new perspective on life after meeting a poor, down-on-his-luck, streetwise person. And that effect goes both ways. This is one of those movies. And, in a few cases, movies like this have been made based on true stories. This is also one of […]

Privacy in the Nest?

Perhaps you heard the big tech news from Monday: a company called Nest was bought by a company called Google. And ever since then, there’s been quite the hubbub over this. I’ve seen Twitter posts from people threatening to rip the devices from the wall if this really goes through…Never mind the fact that doing […]

The Edison Dilemma

Those of you keeping score at home know that Hannah and Zoe are eighth graders this year, which means that we here in Lathropworld are in the market for a new high school (or two). Today, we began the shopping process. Hannah and Zoe aren’t entirely sure what they’re looking for in a high school. […]

The College Hunt

For those not in the know, Patrick is (theoretically) graduating from high school in June. Because of this expectation, he took the ACT test and has been receiving e-mails from schools trying to encourage him to apply to them. It’s interesting how far this process has come in 25 years. I remember literally having a […]

Option ‘C’

A month or so ago, there was a story, actually released by the North Korean government, that leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle and close advisor, Jang Song Thaek was executed for “attempting to overthrow the state.” Then this week, a report came out of North Korea (known by some as the crazy Korea) that Jang […]

Overheard in the Cube Farm

No, there weren’t many people in the office today, probably because these two-day work-weeks can be absolute torture. But I did overhear someone today talking to a coworker about their Christmas, this being the first one they’ve hosted at their home. And somehow they decided to buy three turkeys to feed 12 people. They have […]

The Occasional Movie Review

There was a time when Disney had mastered the art of the princess story–a princess becomes too self-absorbed, needs to be taught a lesson, and is exiled/put to sleep/had a spell cast on her, and needs true love’s kiss–or an act of true love–to see the error in her ways and have everything put to […]

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