The Occasional Movie Review

Somehow, it isn’t at all surprising that a president–especially one as generally well respected by history as Franklin Delano Roosevelt–would have a mistress. Or perhaps mistresses. Which may be part of the point of the movie¬†Hyde Park on Hudson: to portray FDR as a regular, flawed man, and not the overblown four-time leader of the […]

Doctor Who

Ages and ages ago, like most of my 8th grade peer group, I’d stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights (or I’d videotape the episodes) and watch this British sci-fi show called Doctor Who. Being a British show, and being sequestered to late nights on our local PBS station made it hard to find […]

My Own Digital Hell

This is something that I know we techies experience a lot: we sign up for an account somewhere, and then years later come back and discover we need something from that account. In the intervening years, the account has been forgotten, disused and neglected, to the point that retrieving the account information through a forgot […]

The Occasional Movie Review

I think this may speak to my movie tastes somewhat. Friday night, I wanted to just shut down my brain and watch something that required no thought, no engagement, no need to actually actively pay attention. But there was nothing immediately appealing in my Netflix instant queue, my Netflix DVD (which I’ve had since the […]


Holy hell, this is a mess… Friends, I stand before you as one of about 27 people in the entire city of Minneapolis not running for Mayor, city council the park board or the school board. This position has come to be revered and celebrated, earning accolades and all kinds of mail asking for my […]