Team Building

We had a team building event at work today. It was one that I organized, after somehow getting on the topic in one of my weekly meetings with my supervisor. It was an event that took place over a light lunch, in a conference room, doing something that does not directly relate to our jobs at all.

Pac-manWe played Pac Man.

You all know Pac Man, right? The video game that swept the world in 1980 and for several years thereafter with the release of several spin-off versions? It’s the game where you’re a circle with a mouth that eats white pellets while running a maze being chased by multi-colored ghosts, and then can eat power pellets that enable you to turn around and eat the ghosts? Remember that one?

I think everyone in my generation has played it, probably because it was created during my youth. In fact, I shudder to think about how many quarters over my lifetime I’ve dropped into Pac Man games.

But back to our team building event. It wasn’t formally labelled that, though my supervisor said it could have been, because teams are encouraged to do non-work-related things whenever possible, especially if they don’t cost anything to the company (to be fair, I put in a sum total of $7 for pop and Cheetos (which my supervisor said I could easily expense if I wanted to), and already had the game hardware that I’d bought at Target some years ago for about $15). So with our lunches, the six of us gathered in a conference room and proceeded to each play two or three games.

No, I didn’t win.

But it was a success, and now my supervisor is saying we should have this quarterly or every other month…Yep. Pac Man or other classic video games. It’s how we roll.

See you tomorrow.