Anniversaries are a great thing, even though they’re frequently overlooked. They help celebrate occasions worth remembering and celebrating, especially as time goes on and that original event begins to fade into history.

Around here, we’ve been celebrating a couple of them: One year ago today (October 20th), we got Etta and Gus, our fun pair of tuxedoed cats. And 19 years ago, on October 15th, I married the love of my life and began this journey together.

We recently refound the video of the wedding ceremony–all 20 minutes or so of it–and I had intended on digitizing it and putting it up here for all of you to relive (me without a beard for almost the last day, f’r instance), but time just wasn’t cooperative in allowing me to get that done. Maybe this week…Sometime soon, anyway. I promise.

Etta and Gus are an interesting story, too…We, apparently, are a family given over completely to our feline companions. After Pippin died at the ripe old age of 21, the lack of cats in the house could only be tolerated for about a month. We went out to the Humane Society (where I’d actually picked out Pippin all those years ago), and fell in love with Etta and Gus. Etta pulled me in with her loud purr, and Gus, while initially timid, has turned out to be quite forceful in his desire to get attention. But keep in mind that the last time we’d had a kitten was before Patrick was born–Felix came into our lives just months before Patrick did. So none of the kids had experienced kittens…at all.

We’ve made it through the kitten years, and have moved on to the moody teen-cat years. But I think we’ve all settled into a good life with them…Or is it them settling into a good life with us? No, that doesn’t seem right.

Okay, so short post tonight…I’ll try to do a better job later this week.

See you tomorrow.