I’m enjoying my new job at work. Mostly. Well, really, I am. But there are those moments when I have to ask myself what I’ve gotten into.

I’ve got a project right now to come up with some data that we can call definitive. It basically will be a list of information and what will be considered an official count of the number of those things on that list. In fact, a large part of the initial phase of our overall group task relies on this data.

So I’m having to go through spreadsheets containing a total of somewhere around 400,000 individual data items. I’m filtering, sorting, removing duplicates, and trying to boil it all down to try to get to that definitive number and list. It’s drawing on skills that either I haven’t used for a long time, or didn’t even know I had.

I’ve gotten through the easy stages, but now it’s down to the hard stuff: pulling a new set of data and rerunning the early phases and then manually sorting through as much of the list as I can to get a number that seems realistic.

And it’s daunting. And intimidating. And hard. And not what I was expecting when I got into this project.

But it’s different. Fun, in its own way. And a big change from what I was doing even back in May. And that’s a good thing.

My role in the project is assured through the end of April, much longer than my initial six-month assignment. And after that, I’ve been told, there is every intention of keeping me in the role and making the assignment permanent.

So I can count on trying to crunch through more spreadsheets well into the future. What have I gotten myself into?

See you tomorrow.