Twelve Days

It’s all part of the whole exercise thing. I knew that when we signed up at the Y: you’re spending money to use their facilities so that you’ll get in shape. And hopefully keep going. The fact that you’re paying for it hopefully is part of the motivation.

But then there’s extra motivation: health insurance pays you back if you go to the gym twelve times a month.

So there’s the goal. Well…Besides getting in shape and being healthier.

It is with great pride that I can say that Jenni and I hit our goal for our first full month as members of the Y: we went to the gym on twelve days, which was a lot harder than it actually sounds. Between normal family life, being tired and sore from yesterday’s workout, or, well, being lazy, it’s a lot easier to miss the 18 days than it is to make it to 12 of them. But we did it. We’ll get some money back, and hopefully the more healthy bodies we’re seeking.

I can report that while the scale hasn’t dialed back as I’d like yet, I do feel better: less backache when I wake up, a little more energetic, a little tighter muscles in my arms and abs…So it must be doing something.

Wish us luck in keeping this up. I’ve got an ultimate goal that’s a long ways away and I’ll need to stick with things to get there. But for now, we can be proud.

See you tomorrow.