Then and Now

We went to the fair on Friday afternoon. It was hot, crowded, tiring, but still fun for the five-plus hours we spent there. We’ve all gotten to the point where there are just a few things that each person wants to do, so we hit those, eat what we want to eat, and leave. No day-long excursion needed.

It was a little weird, though, that we didn’t go last year. We didn’t go, of course, because we were on our big road trip to see the western half of the country. So actually, one year ago last Friday, we were crossing Colorado and half of Kansas, arriving at our hotel in a small town so that we could have an easy two-day trek home via Iowa City.

Anyway, one thing that has been a tradition every year we’ve been at the fair since 2005 has been the “Cheese on a stick” picture.


That’s 2005, eight years ago, for those of you who are mathematically challenged. Patrick had just turned nine, and the girls were five.

Now, there’s this…



It’s astounding what kind of difference eight years can make. We’ve all come a long way.

See you tomorrow.




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