Woe Unto We Twins Fans

The baseball season ended yesterday, at least for the Minnesota Twins. And sadly, I hardly noticed or paid attention, which is saying something. I tuned into some of the last game of the season for my hometown nine, flipping over from the Vikings game to see if the Twins could pull out a win, but […]

The Occasional Movie Review

I had very low expectations for J. Edgar going into it. My experiences with Leo DiCaprio films have been shaky at best–he was good in The Aviator as Howard Hughes, seemed flat and almost emotionless in Gatsby, really good in Catch Me If You Can, and flat in Inception. But you also need to realize it was one of those […]

The Occasional Movie Review

You know those movies that have a really interesting sounding idea, a pretty good primary cast, a director and producers who should be able to knock this sucker out of the ballpark, and end up being anything but what you were hoping for? Welcome to Cowboys and Aliens. It’s based on a comic book…er…a graphic novel. […]

Looking the Right Way

The news over the last couple of days has been filled with information from the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., where a man apparently opened fire and ended up killing 13 people including himself. As our society and news media has been trained to do by these now all too frequent events, we’re asking the […]

The Minnesota Sporting News

Patrick and I had a manly weekend of lots of sporting events: we were at the Gopher football game on Saturday, versus that perennial powerhouse, Western Illinois University; and then on Sunday, we went to the Twins game to watch a team that was equally adept at their sport. Both won. Oddly enough. But the […]


I’m enjoying my new job at work. Mostly. Well, really, I am. But there are those moments when I have to ask myself what I’ve gotten into. I’ve got a project right now to come up with some data that we can call definitive. It basically will be a list of information and what will be […]

Twelve Days

It’s all part of the whole exercise thing. I knew that when we signed up at the Y: you’re spending money to use their facilities so that you’ll get in shape. And hopefully keep going. The fact that you’re paying for it hopefully is part of the motivation. But then there’s extra motivation: health insurance […]

Then and Now

We went to the fair on Friday afternoon. It was hot, crowded, tiring, but still fun for the five-plus hours we spent there. We’ve all gotten to the point where there are just a few things that each person wants to do, so we hit those, eat what we want to eat, and leave. No […]


It’s a little daunting to think that my son, this once little, delicate life that I saw come into the world in a crowded hospital room in Bismarck, just turned seventeen. As I said last night, it’s astounding that he’s a senior in high school this year. And it’s amazing that he can drive. And […]

Back To It

Tomorrow’s Labor Day, which means that the day after that is the return to the normal schedule around here. We’ve had our three months of Summer freedom, hot weather, shorter hours, transitions, and the like. Now it’s time to get back to things. Like the blog, here. I didn’t mean to be away from it […]