Away Alot

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while.

If you look over there to the right-hand column, you’ll see part of the reason why: airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes.

I was going to do some blogging about that, complete with some other pictures than what show up over there. So I copied some pictures to a drive on the server, and was set to copy some more pictures and video from my phone over to the server when it prompted for updates.

And then it rebooted.

And it wouldn’t come up right.

Which wouldn’t really be a problem except that there’s that moment of panic when I irrationally think that several years of pictures are on my home server, and losing them would be a really bad thing. I mean, really bad. But then I remember that I back up the photos in 2 locations on a regular basis…So I’d only be missing a couple weeks worth of photos if the server did crap out.

But I still had to get it going. After a couple of restarts and more fussing, I finally found the problem: the monitor switched input. The server was working fine, but the monitor wasn’t showing me anything from the server. Hours of panic for exactly nothing. Except that in the process, I also had to tweak a few things that I’ve been meaning to tweak. And then set a couple of those things back to their original settings because the tweaks didn’t do what I wanted.

Oh well.

So I’m currently performing a backup on the photos as I write this. I’ll finish copying things tomorrow or something and then make a post of them here later.

Ah, technology, why do you mock me so?

See you tomorrow.