For almost 12 years, I took piano lessons. And they were all from the same woman. Nearly every week, she’d actually come to our house, sit down on a chair next to my piano stool, and for 30 minutes, we’d hash through some collection of three or four songs that I’d been working on practicing […]


I’ve been gone from here a lot, between a trip, normal life, working out at the Y, and just plain lack of content streaming forth from my brain. So I figured I’d better catch up for a bit, because who knows if I’ll be posting anything tomorrow. I can proudly report that for the first […]

Away Alot

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while. If you look over there to the right-hand column, you’ll see part of the reason why: airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes. I was going to do some blogging about that, complete with some other pictures than what show up over there. So I copied some pictures […]

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