I discovered today just how exciting and confusing working on a new project at work can be.

Our vendor for our software solution for the project came in today to begin the process of installing, training, configuring, and supporting their product. So I had two meetings lasting a total of 3 hours this morning, talking about things that, up until a month-and-a-half ago I was sure was probably above my pay grade.

Except it isn’t.

I don’t have much else to be involved in for the rest of the meetings this week, which hash out the basic starting place for the product, set the timelines, expectations, and other things that we’re paying them for. I’ll get roped back in at a later date to be trained to use the software, and to tell them how to configure it to make it work best for my process.

That’s a little weird to say, even now: my process. Oh sure, it’s basically the same process that I was taught to use and that the person who trained me was taught to use. but we’ve each tweaked it, and going forward, I’ve been told that this portion of the project–operations–is mine. I get to decide on the best way to do things, present it to my superiors in the project, and, if and when approved, we move forward to do those things.

So to say my mind was spinning with both the incoming flood of information, but also with pondering the things I’d have to do over the next few months, it became a bit daunting. Not insurmountable, by any means, but still kind of challenging, just because I haven’t been handed this much responsibility for a while.

And yes, it’s a good feeling.

Unlike the rest of my body, which is still aching from starting the exercise program. Hoo boy. More on that later, I’m sure.

See you tomorrow.