A Whole Week

So yeah. I just kind of checked out there for a while, just deciding to let things slide a bit and not do anything with the blog, or, it appears, anything in social media, either. Long weekends will do that for you, though apparently, I decided to start mine in Lathropworld after writing on Monday.

It is what it is.

So back at it, where I have to say the four-day weekend was very pleasant, though busy. Oddly enough, Thursday was the quietest day of the week, spent doing some cleaning around the house, hanging out, and generally relaxing, which I think everyone appreciated.

But then came Friday. Errands to run for Patrick’s scout camping trip to Many Point, picking up provisions of various sorts at Target, then lunch, and an opportunity for Patrick to drive with his grandma, and then more shopping, this time at an outlet mall.

We even stopped off near there to see my sister’s new house. It’s a great house–a wonderful house maybe, but just reinforced to me that I am SO not a suburban person. I am a city kid, destined to live life within the city limits of whatever large city I can find. Which explains much toward why I’m here.

Saturday offered a few more errands, running the girls to their spa day/overnight with their aunt who gifted that to them for their birthdays–because what more reinforcement do I need that I have teenage girls than a chance to spend time at the salon getting their hair done however they wanted.

I feel like I ate badly from Friday through Saturday: a burger at Old Chicago for lunch Saturday, McDonald’s for dinner Saturday night coming back from the hinterlands of the northwestern metro, and a taco salad at a restaurant in Chisago City when we took the girls up for their spa experience. I felt full and uncomfortable and just kind of blah. Even after the homemade beef and broccoli for dinner last night.

Which caused my surprise this morning for my weekly weigh in: after over a week of just standing still in the weight loss, I dropped two pounds last week.

It gave me a lift I think I needed: I’d felt myself slipping, almost telling myself I just don’t care because what I’m trying isn’t working. But something is. Maybe it was the couple of walks this past week with Jenni. Maybe I really am getting better at portion control. Maybe I just need to try the all beef and broccoli diet. No…Not that.

So at Costco, I found good deals on a good salmon filet (about 2 pounds), and a hunk of tuna (just over a pound). Since most of the crowd around here doesn’t like fish as much as I do, today’s fish, portioned up nicely for future meals and tossed in the freezer, will be my substitute for whatever I’m not up to that I make for the rest of the family. Especially nights like this, where the protein portion of the evening was prepared on the grill.

So here’s my Costco dinner for the evening:



Yep. You know how some people love the deals they got from Costco on living room furniture or the portable duck blind, or 20 pound tub of Elmer’s Glue? This is mine: a salmon dinner with green beans and multi-colored potatoes.

It’s the little things, ain’t it?

I’ll try to post more this week. But I won’t promise. We’ll see how things go.

See you tomorrow.