Yeah, So That Happened…

It’s not often that one hears about a nasty storm that hit the city you live in from one of your own kids who are far, far away. Yet it happened.

Let me rehash this strange weekend for you, starting from the end: Our cable is out. Again. Which means that our access to the great golden information superhighway known as the internet is out as well. We our lost. Adrift without entertainment to do its thing and actually, you know, entertain us. I mean, My God! The Mad Men season finale is tonight!!!

So we go to the fallback position, which even in this day and age sounds like something hyper futuristic: I’m hotspotting off my phone, working on the blog entry from my laptop. And while it sounds very futuristic and wonderful (I mean, accessing the internet through my phone from my laptop!!!), it’s slower and, well, an inconvenience. I can’t use my phone while this is going.

But let’s go back to the beginning again.

Jenni and I went out Friday night to celebrate our last night sans kids. I’ve found an app that tracks down gluten-free restaurants and grocery stores and such. And through that app and its companion website, I found a place in St. Louis Park called Wok in the Park (get it?) which offers a good deal of its menu either gluten-free, or gluten-free by request. After that, we went to see The Great Gatsby at a theatre near there. During that time, wave one of the storm came through.

We came out of the theatre with a handful of texts from Patrick and my mom asking if we were OK and if the house was OK, and a voicemail from my mom trying to ask the same question. Keep in mind that Patrick was actually at Mt. Rushmore at the time.

We were a little panicked, especially since information on the storm aftermath was still sketchy, and there were areas that we had to go through that didn’t have power. But we made our way home finally that all was well, except for the repeat of the leakage in the basement–twice in one week…Sigh. Otherwise, things were OK. We had power. We had decent cell service, and we had cable and internet service.

Then Saturday came. Cable and the internet were out after waves two and three of the storm took out more trees and power lines. We still had power. But our cell service was horrible, to the point where we weren’t getting a signal at all in the house. So Jenni and I did what any other sane, rational people would do: we went out for breakfast and ran a couple of errands.

Later on that night, still without the comforts of our glowing televisions, we picked up the kids after their grand weeklong voyage. And we all went to sleep with a wet basement, no cable, no internet, and a swamp in the front yard created by the rain and the sump pump.

Sunday: church. Then Barnes and Noble. Not because we didn’t have internet, because that found its way back to our computers by the time I woke up Sunday morning. It was so that we could get this payoff:


For those not in the know, the curly-haired dude in the middle is “Weird” Al Yankovic, the famous parody musician. He’s been making music for over 30 years, and now has a couple of children’s books out, and he was signing one at the aforementioned B&N. And Patrick and Jenni are huge fans. In fact, Jenni really introduced Yankovic to me: prior to that, I had just heard a couple of his songs and thought they were funny.

And the looks on their faces just make me happy. It was well worth a long day at a mall and a bookstore for this kind of payoff.

And now, as I’m finishing this up, the cable, and it’s piggy-backed internet, are back again. All, except for the basement, is right with the world once again.

See you tomorrow.