Membership Has Its Privileges

Sorry for the silence this week. Part of it has just been laziness–like last night, where I decided to just catch up on TV for a while, and before I knew it, it was 10:22.

I’m settling in nicely to the new role and new space and new campus.

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: this place is really like its own self-contained city. The cafeteria, should you choose to eat there, has several stations to fulfill whatever need you may have: burgers, pizza, salads, a grill, sandwiches, and the caviar bar. Okay, not a caviar bar, but there would be if such a thing actually existed. The only real downside to the size of this mammoth campus is that the walk to and from the car is actually about 5 minutes, because from my sixth floor perch, I’m almost as far away from the parking ramp as you can get without stepping out of the windows here.

Though I have to say that the view is pretty nice, when it isn’t raining.



Off there, toward the center of the picture, just to the right of the water tower, is downtown Minneapolis.  In the foreground is highway 10.

But the whole building is filled with amenities: a lot of nice conference rooms, nice galleys, indirect lighting, automatic window shades, nice cubicles with monitor arms and power lifting desks. Yes, I can stand up and work. And up until today, I’d only done that a couple of times, but today I spent a good chunk of time over a couple of sessions, standing up and working.

It’s a far cry from my last building, where, even though they gutted it and built it out new, they gave us old, used cubicles and desks…That didn’t go up and down.

Ah, it’s nice to be loved.

And the actual job, you ask? It’s different, but not hugely different to things I’d done when I was on Tier 2. I’m managing and fulfilling requests. Soon, I’ll have more piled on my plate since I’ve picked up the workload so quickly. This will let some other team members move on and do other things that are needed as we move this project forward. So that’s the exciting part: that I’m getting in on this so early, and so I stand a much better chance of staying there for quite a while.

See you tomorrow.