I started the new gig today. And as with all semi-formal moves within a gigantic monolithic corporation, it comes with some pains and inconveniences.

Like not having the correct account setup to do what I need to do right out of the box. Or, actually finding out where I was sitting until I’d wandered around for about 5 minutes until I found someone who could help me in looking for the person I’m in the group with.

Though, within 5 minutes of sitting down and starting to unpack my laptop, my 24″ monitor was delivered to my desk. And while I still don’t have a phone, in this job, I may not need the phone much, which will be kind of weird since I was tethered to the damned thing for the last eight years.

But you quickly learn some of the differences of working in a normal office as opposed to a call center. This new space is quiet–graveyard quiet, by comparison. It hit me right away. It’s like working in a library. Only without the books. Except that this is a huge campus: three eight-story buildings, each connected by walkways containing conference rooms on each of the eight floors. Yes, we love our meeting rooms here.

It’s amazing what kind of culture change something as simple as a different location can cause.

Ah, but back to the day: There was training, a couple of meetings, waiting for my accounts to finally snap into place; which they did finally around 2:30 this afternoon. From then on, I cranked through about 28 requests to fulfill software orders, which will be a big part of my job for a while as we try to identify and design a better process.

So while today has been a lot of sitting around and waiting, it’s progress. It’s getting into a different team and doing something different. It’s moving forward again.

Speaking of which, 1 more pound this week. Slowly…Ever so slowly…

See you tomorrow.