The Official Announcement

So finally I’ve been released from the shackles of…um…shackletude, and am allowed to tell you all what’s been so hush-hush in my little world.

I’m moving from the help desk at work to a temporary assignment on a big project that will work on managing our software licenses. See, apparently in a company this big, it’s easy to lose track of what software licenses you own and what software you might have installed that isn’t actually licensed. And that translates to a big, expensive problem.

So I’ll be working in a different building. With a different team (almost all of whom I know and have either worked with or dealt with in one way or another).  I’ll be working on straightening out licensing now, issuing and approving software license purchases. Working on a project that we basically get to invent from the ground up.

That’s the exciting part: the project lead told me in our meeting last week that I get to work with a former coworker and we’ll basically be designing entire processes for the entire company to follow. We’ll get to determine how things will be done. We’ll have ultimate say over procedure. We’ll be Gods!!!

Okay, maybe not that far, but it’s an exciting proposition.

I’ll be working at our largest campus, swimming among the great throngs of people, with the upside of needing to walk miles to get from the parking ramp to my new cubicle. It’s like a little city in there, with 3 buildings, all connected with walkways, a huge cafeteria, company store, even a bank branch and Caribou Coffee.

So yes, I’m a bit giddy. I haven’t been this excited about my job since the start of the Windows 7 printer project, and that was another opportunity to just go off and work on a project that impacted a lot of people.

Monday will be a little weird, driving to a different place than normal, sitting in a new cube, and settling into a new project. But, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ll keep you posted as I can.

See you tomorrow.