The Quest

I love my technology. I believe that I’ve mentioned that before, though.

But one thing that I’ve found great about my technology is the ability to check out e-books from the library. It’s instantaneous, easy to check out and return, and, moreover, in a direct appeal to the cheap side of my nature, free.

So, that technology and its remarkable ability has led me on a quest.

Gluten free cooking is, oddly, easy and challenging, all at once. I mean, it’s easy to do beef and potatoes one night, chicken and rice the next, and pork and something else after that. But after a while, things get old and tired–well, things, that is, besides me.

So I’ve spent a couple of days raiding the gluten-free cookbook collection of the Hennepin County Library. To be exact, I’ve raided it to the tune of 12 of their gluten-free cookbook selection. In fact, I fear that I may have robbed some celiac sufferer of the ability to learn how to prepare their quinoa.

I’ve read through a couple and have returned them, somewhat disappointedly: the first one, even though it was never stated in the description or the title, pretty much insisted on being a full, over-the-top vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, everything-free collection of recipes. While that’s okay for some, I wouldn’t get very far trying to pawn off a fine black bean, tofu and brown rice dish with vegetables around here. The second was a cookbook that claimed to offer recipes for the entire family. Though after a very lengthy and occasionally informative preface outlining the “common” gluten-free flowers and grains out there and how to use them and cook them and serve them, there was but one recipe that was useful to me: a maple-cinnamon pancake recipe.

I shall continue to dig through the remaining books and let you know if I find any winners. Then I’ll dip back into the library’s e-book cookbooks and see what else I can find, because there were at least 50 of them that I can check out. Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.